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  • APR 2015
    The ultimate all-in-one workflow system for campaign asset production now has a name: BrandTracker 3.0

    Finally completing an ambitious project launched three years ago, Market Forward, the technology arm of Prodigious, Publicis Groupe’s production platform, gives birth to BrandTracker 3.0, the ultimate all-in-one web-based workflow solution for across brands, agencies and production studios to route and manage campaign projects from brief, all the way to delivery.


    Since 18 years, Market Forward builds solutions for digital asset management and digital workflow specifically tailored for brands and their agencies. The release of BrandTracker 3.0 follows the success of the two previous editions and offers enhanced functionalities that make it the ideal toolset to manage campaign adaptation, including trans-creation, localization and amplification:


    - it supports all media whether print, video or digital

    - it integrates every step of the production process from brief to delivery via on-line review of work in progress, in a fully integrated and seamless environment

    - it integrates multiple user rights and privileges to accommodate all types of organizations and business requirements

    - it is centrally hosted in a highly secured environment

    - it is accessible from any computer or mobile device making it available anywhere.


    As the media landscape becomes more global, with increased pressure on share-of-voice, time-to-market and costs, marketing teams have to centralize efforts whilst encouraging local initiatives to maximize their visibility and impact. At the same time, agencies need to streamline their processes to increase agility whilst keeping down costs”, comments Luc Labadie, COO of Market Forward. “By allowing to share campaign material across marketing networks to optimize reuse of creative ideas, by standardizing briefing, by centralizing and simplifying the review and approval process and by automating reporting, BrandTracker 3.0 offers a very powerful solution for this challenging new environment.


    BrandTacker 3.0 is already a success. Marcel is currently implementing BrandTracker 3.0. to coordinate and manage local adaptation for one of their client’s work across 27 countries.


    A promising start for our latest born!

    Take a quick tour of BrandTracker 3.0

  • MAR 2014
    Work lists no longer a headache with Market Forward’s BrandReport

    Market Forward launches BrandReport a shared on-line work list that allows global brands and their agencies to keep track of the status on all their projects in a single place, securely and in real-time. BrandReport has been cleverly designed to make it to the exact measure of user brands and their agencies: they can choose their own tabs, add drop down menus or calendars to different fields if they wish to, create user groups with different usage rights, activate notifications and make it to look just the way they like with their own colors and logo! The tool also allows users to attach work-in progress files of their projects to relevant fields, archive past statuses and generate reports in PDF or Excel formats. A number of brands and their agencies have already chosen BrandReport to make supervising their worldwide projects as easy as a mouse click!

  • AUG 2013
    ReelBuilder upgrades by adding ReelBuilder Desktop to make building and presenting custom reels easier than ever

    Market Forward releases a new version of ReelBuilder, its unique solution for building custom reels in minutes. With ReelBuilder Desktop, users can download reels containing high-res assets to their desktop. After download, an Internet connection is no longer necessary to present custom reels. So when you’re off-site presenting, you don’t need to worry about network reliability or getting the password right.