Case Study: L'oréal

See how we helped L'Oréal’s Agencies process over 3,000 campaigns, storing them all in one single place - saving time and money.

L'Oreal BrandVault
Over 3,000 campaigns have been processed through the system
Less time to search, share and get access to files
Agencies now work better, faster and cheaper

With HDTV, production files have become so large that sharing beauty shots has become increasingly challenging and time-consuming. To overcome this hurdle, Publicis Worldwide has been using BrandValult since 2008 sharing master files with Garnier teams easily and quickly!

As soon as Garnier teams approve global campaigns, production masters are uploaded, including rushes, beauty shots, alternative model shots, pack shots and voice overs. Local agencies can then order just the pieces they need for their adaptations. The system distributes the requested files to local agencies as soon as the central team approves the order. Local agencies, in turn, upload their completed adaptations so files are stored centrally. And best practices are automatically shared. 

Since the launch, over 3,000 campaigns have been processed through the system. All assets are now stored in a single place, making searching, sharing and accessing files less time-consuming as well as requiring less storage space.